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About us

Beginning ⋅ Vision ⋅ Updates


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The beginning was a great passion and ambition to keep up with the latest technologies of elevators and escalators & promoting solutions that achieve quality for a better life ↯

In response to the demands of the modern era,
Elevators have become a necessity in most commercial or residential buildings!

❝ Square Elevators ❞ started its activities in 2012 ↠ establishment of Square Elevators ®
To provide high quality products, and to provide solutions & support in their field

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Our vision

Providing best products & finding multiple solutions; As a leading enterprise in the domestic market for elevator

Square Elevators & Escalators • Construction City ⋅ No. C 34 •

What do we offer?

Certified Global Elevators

International elevators & escalators companies certified, for all uses

Wide Variety Options

Doors & Cabins as per your choice of colors, floors, ceilings and accessories

After-sales Service

Ensure scheduled maintenance & technical condition and avoid breakdowns

Machinery & Spare Parts

provide all high quality spare parts, best prices and promptly upon request

Elevator Installation Services

Installing, operating all different elevators types for any building and tower

Maintenance Packages Services

Maintenance of all types of elevators and providing technical support

Refurbishment & Upgrade Services

Upgrades, updates to improve appearance, performance and more safety

Towers & General Contracting

Executing general contracting for various projects, providing consultants team

Multiple Solutions Study

For all commercial or private residential projects, and our people with special cases

Qualified Team Work

We always strive to include qualified, high expertise and specialized to serve you

Price Variation

Financial solvency of individuals and companies and ensuring the highest quality

Authorized Exclusive Distributor

Recently signed an agreement with an exclusive agency for the supply & distribution


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